Who Can Use Jobulator

In order to activate Jobulator, you must be a substitute teacher who 1) has an internet ready computer, Apple iOS device, or Android-powered device and 2) works in a school district that uses Aesop for substitute placement and has permitted Jobulator to be used in the district. If you are unsure if your district(s) allow the use of Jobulator, sign up for a free trial – during the sign-up process, the Jobulator website will inform you if your district(s) allow the use of Jobulator.

Can my Apple Device run Jobulator?

With all the updates that Apple makes each year with their new devices and their new operating systems (OS) it can be hard to know if your device will be able to use Jobulator. The current version of Jobulator can be supported by all Apple devices that have iOS 7 and iOS 8 on them. If you device has a prior version like iOS 6 you would not be able to download Jobulator to that device.

These devices can support either iOS7 or iOS8:

– iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6Plus

– iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, iPad mini

– iTouch 5th generation

What if I have a multiple PIN numbers? Can I see multiple districts?

Yes! You can use any of your Aesop PINs from the districts that we list as participating in Jobulator. If you have created a six-digit multiple-district PIN in Aesop, you can also use that six digit PIN. With any of your PINs, Jobulator will display jobs from all of your participating districts. If any of your districts aren’t currently participating, feel free to let them know about your interest in Jobulator.

When you bring Jobulator to life for the very first time using your unique 16-digit Activation Key, Jobulator requires you to enter your Aesop PIN. This is a one-time process, not something you have to do every time you turn on your computer. Jobulator asks for your PIN in order to verify that the Activation Key you enter is actually yours. Without PIN verification, if you were to accidentally enter an incorrect Key that belonged to someone else, Jobulator would show you the other person’s jobs, not yours. PIN verification ensures that you and every other Jobulator customer see the right available jobs.

How do I accept a job using Jobulator?

In order to accept an available assignment displayed on Jobulator, simply
– Tap on the job that you wish to accept.
– Once on the details screen, locate the “accept” button at the bottom of the Job details page.
– If the job is successfully assigned to you, your Confirmation Number as well as any notes or lesson plans from the teacher will be displayed.


If I use Jobulator can I still see jobs on Aesop?

Yes. You can log in to Aesop anytime you like and see the exact same jobs (plus all the other great information Aesop always provides). Jobulator in NO WAY prevents jobs from going to AesopEducation.com; it just makes searching for those jobs a whole lot more convenient – and who doesn’t like that convenience?

Can I view or cancel jobs I have accepted through Jobulator?

At this time, in order to review or cancel assignments that you have accepted through Jobulator, you must log in to the Aesop website. Jobs accepted through Jobulator will be displayed there just like jobs you have accepted through the website. Aesop handles your Jobulator-accepted jobs just like any other job assignment.

Can I share my Jobulator account information with someone else?

Yes and No. It is possible to take turns using the same Jobulator application with another Jobulator user. You can simply deactivate Jobulator by going to the Help tab on Jobulator and clicking the “Deactivate Jobulator” button. Then the other user can activate the program by entering their activation information. You cannot, however, share your Activation Key. The Activation Key that you received when you registered for your free trial of Jobulator is unique to your Aesop profile. It will only display jobs available to you and will provide your district with your Aesop information when you accept or reject a job.

Can I run Jobulator on multiple devices?

You sure can! You would simply need to download Jobulator to that new device and then log in with your Jobulator account information! There is no additional charge to use Jobulator on multiple devices.