Update: Android Compatibility Update!



UPDATE: Android Compatibility Issue

Over the past several weeks the Jobulator team has worked to resolve an issue that was caused by a recent update to the Android operating system. On Monday, 10/19/2015, we released an updated version of Jobulator to the Google Play store that will resolve this issue that users encountered and will allow users to return to normal use of Jobulator on their Android device.
This article will guide you through uninstalling the present version of Jobulator as well as re-installing the newest version of Jobulator. It will also guide you through re-installing the present version of Android System Webview.
    1. Locate and open the Google Play Story App on your device.

Google Play Store                                       2.Tap on the menu bar on the upper left hand portion of the app.

Android PlayStore                                          3.Tap on “my apps” which will take you to your currently installed apps.

Android View Apps                                           4. First let’s remove the present version of Jobulator that you have to be able to install the newest version of Jobulator. If you just uninstalled Android Webview you can take a look at the process for updating your present Jobulator app here in our doc on how to update your app: Updating your Android app. Once you have entered the “my apps” section of Google Play we want to locate the Jobulator Mobile section.

JobulatorGPGeneral                                               5. Once you have entered Jobulator Mobile go ahead and select “uninstall.”

JBUninstall                                               6. Once the app has been uninstalled you should be automatically taken to the same page in Google Play but with the option to “install.” Tap “install.”

JBInstall                                                7. Once the app is installed you will be able to “open” then app and log back into Jobulator.


Once you have successfully installed Jobulator we recommend that you seek to re-install Android System Webview if you chosen the resolution to the issue that required you to uninstall that app. To do this:

  1. Re-enter the Google Play Store > My apps section of the device and locate “Android System Webview” in your app list.


2. Once that app is selected you will simply need to select “update.”



*Thank you so much for your patience with us as we worked to resolve this issue. We are making adjustments within are structure to assist us in being more proactive with the various Android system updates that are released what could potentially cause issues with the functionality of Jobulator.* 

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us on our webformhttp://help.jobulator.com/contact-us/

We would love to help in any way that we can!

-Your Jobulator Support Team